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Dr. Tina

Hi, I'm Dr. Tina

Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Shameless Activist


This is My Story

I have always believed that all people are born into this world precious, beloved, and worthy of love, pleasure, joy, and deep connection. I believe as humans we desire to be seen, known, loved, and accepted and we come into the world hardwired for connection and pleasure. Unfortunately, for so many of us, we are deeply hurt, traumatized, and shamed along the way, and that once precious child comes to believe they are unworthy of love and belonging. From that place of pain, they begin to hurt others, and wear a mask of who they think others want them to be.

They forget who they are. 

Sexual shame and trauma is one of the first ways we are deeply hurt as children - especially when we live in a culture like we foster in America, which has for generations denied or misunderstood the natural maturation of the body, and has instead shamed every natural sensual curiosity a child expresses. This is where we first learn "we are bad and unlovable." This belief, in addition to not providing relationship and sexuality education, goes on to affect every intimate and familial relationship we have in our lives.

The devastation to our lives and communities has been profound, and I have spent a career watching this up close. Growing up in a Swedish-American home, this was not my experience. My heart has been broken and I have been motivated to relieve the suffering caused by America's long sexual shame legacy of ignorance and fear. 

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