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Reclaim your SHAME-FREE sexual future with a free copy of my Sexual Reclamation Project .


For me, your shame liberation is personal!

After over 30 years of working with doctors, therapists, educators, and clergy combating the devastating effects of years of sexual shame caused by a lack of sexual health information and conservative ideologies, I decided it was time to get this information out to the general public. 

Parents want to help their kids and heal themselves - they don't want to repeat the patterns that have hurt them.


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Resources for every stage of the journey

Online Courses

Take a self-guided journey webinar lead by Dr. Tina and other sexual health, relationship, and parenting experts. More are added all the time. 





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A Parenting Community

Surround yourself with other parents and professionals who share their wisdom and struggles. Dr. Tina has gathered a wealth of info here and does monthly Q&A's.




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Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets for you and for the professionals in your life (doctors, teachers, therapists, clergy) that are age divided to guide you in parenting and mentoring every step of the way. All of this information can also be found in the book Shameless Parenting - All You Need to Raise Shame-free Confident Kids & Heal Your Shame Too! by Dr. Tina

The Cheat Sheets

Dr. Tina offers diverse practices and resources to not just uncover shame, but also to heal from it and move forward with self-compassion and confidence.

Dr. Christena Cleveland - Director of the Center for Justice + Renewal

Dr. William Doherty - Professor of Family Sciences University of Minnesota

If I could give both new and veteran parents one book on raising sexually and emotionally healthy children, this would be it!

If I could give both new and veteran parents just one book on raising sexually and emotionally healthy children, this would be it.



Dr. William Doherty, Professor of Family Science at the University of Minnesota

Shameless Parenting is a practical, readable, compact guide for parents who want to parent without shame. I wish every parent would read this incredibly helpful resource.

Dr. Paula Stone Williams - Author of As A Woman - What I Learned About Power, Sex and Patriarchy After I Transitioned

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Getting support as we heal our shame, change our patterns and legacies, and raise children makes all the difference in the world! We feel less alone and we learn others have felt this before us! Join us as we hold each other's hand! 

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Information is Power!


These two books fill in the gaps and give you the info you were not taught about how America became sex negative, and how we developed a rape culture. It literally holds your hand through each developmental age showing you exactly what sexual and relational health conversations children need to be having with their caregivers in order to feel safe and prepared in the world. Both books by Dr. Tina. 

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Tell Your Professionals

To make this information more accessible to more people, we have made Shameless Cheat Sheets available and downloadable for medical professionals, educators, psychotherapists/coaches, and clergy so they can hand them out to the parents, individuals, and youth they serve in their different settings. 

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